Atom Pane Split Not Working With Shortcut Keys

This is a quick post about the text editor Atom created by Github.  It is extremely good for a free editor but one thing which bugged me was that I couldn’t get to work was the Pane Split with the shortcut keys.  What is Pane Split you ask?  When you have two files open at the same time side by side in the editor.

atom pane splitting

atom pane splitting

The shortcut keys are Command (MAC) or Control (Windows) + K arrow up, down, left or right. The problem is, when you use CTRL+K+ARROWUP for example, nothing happens. The solution is to use CTRL+K THEN RELEASE CTRL+K THEN PRESS THE ARROW KEY OF CHOICE. This will enable the additional panes.  It a small issue with how you read and interpret it, but honestly it should be clearer with the instructions.

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