Best Brackets Extensions

I’ve started using Adobe Brackets and it is a very solid code editor.  But like any good code editor functionality and performance can be increased by using extensions.  I give you my list of best brackets extensions for 2015.
Brackets Icon best extensions 2014

Best Brackets Extensions

Brackets Icons

The Brackets Icons extension adds a file icon beside each file type.  This gives a good visual indication for what file types you have open or in a particular project.

brackets icons - best brackets extensions

Brackets Icons – Visual Aid in Brackets


Read more about the Brackets Icons extension over at Github


The Beautify extension cleans up messy code or code which doesn’t have any indentation or tabbing.  It beautifies your code, increasing readability.  See below for a before and after.

brackets beautify best extensions before

Brackets Beautify – Before

brackets beautify best extensions after

Brackets Beautify – After


Read more about Beautify for Brackets at Github

I will update this article over time.

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