Learning at a slow pace

This post is a pretty simple one.  I’m going to be talking about learning at a slow pace but keeping the wheels in motion.  I recently started learning JavaScript and have a lot of resources at hand to learn this language.  For a long time I doubted that I could learn it and failed to grasp concepts and how it works.  I thought I needed to know math, but that was a misconception on my part.  I kept restarting my learning and was trying different courses but to no avail.  I took a step back from JavaScript and had to think about how I could learn.  I needed a way in which I could understand JavaScript and still take in the information.

So taking a step back and thinking about how I should tackle this, I decided that I needed to slow down as much as possible to fully understand the information I was reading.  So now I take notes on JavaScript, read and re-read the content until I fully understand it.  I ask questions and track down information if I’m not certain on the content.  Sure it has taken me a long time to learn what some would call the basics, but for me I think it’s a good achievement and realisation to understand that you don’t have to rush everything.

When you stop and take a step back and question why you are having trouble and ask how to overcome it, you tend to think of more ways to attempt the task at hand.  I have found that learning at this slow pace but doing a little bit everyday has actually increased what I take in and remember.  I would strongly encourage anyone who is having a hard time learning something to go slower and understand that not everyone learns the same way or at the same pace.  You will still reach your goal if you persist and take it easy.

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