Sites for learning Web Development

Here’s a list of sites which are fairly useful for learning web development, I have included both free and paid alternatives.

CodeSchool Logo

CodeSchool has free and paid content with high production values and fun, engaging content.  You can sign up for a CodeSchool Hall Pass which gives you 2 days access for free which you can increase by 2 days for up to 28 days by inviting people to join.

Learnable Logo

Learnable from Sitepoint has paid content and gives you access to every single book Sitepoint has released in the past in various formats including reading online as well as an extensive list of video courses and tutorials.  They offer a free 14 day trial.

Codecademy Logo

Codecademy has free content with in the browser editing and learning.  They cover various languages and offer excellent beginner content for free.

Codeavengers Logo

Code Avengers is very similar to CodeCademy, with the exception that they offer free and paid content.  The free content is generally level 1 of courses, with paid options to follow on from there. Logo offers paid content on a wide variety of subjects.  The web development courses are thorough and offer a lot of guidance along the way.

Udemy Logo

Udemy is akin to in that it offers paid and free content for a wide variety of subjects.

Treehouse Logo

Treehouse offers paid content which covers a large amount of subjects.  They have high production values and make learning enjoyable.  They offer a free 14 day trial.

Tutsplus Logo

TutsPlus has paid content in addition to free tutorials.  For the paid content they offer a  free 14 day trial.

If you know of more sites where you can learn web development please share them in the comments and any experience you have had with them or any listed here.

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