Exporting Windows Programs & Features to a text list

Windows Programs & Features shows you a full list of programs installed on a Windows machine. From time to time you may want this list, at work I use it to work out a system image for machines and I use it when I change computers. In this guide I will show you how to export the Windows Programs & Features to a text list.

The Windows Programs & Features should look similar to the image below.

Windows Programs & Features

To export this list you need to run a Windows Powershell command. If your machine does not have Windows Powershell you can download it from Microsoft.

To run Windows Powershell simply find it in the list of programs and ensure you right click and run as Administrator. This will open the Powershell window. You will need to paste text into Powershell. To paste text into Powershell select the Powershell icon in the top left, then Edit then Paste, see the screenshot for help.

Pasting text into Windows Powershell

Paste this text:

Get-WmiObject Win32_Product | Sort-Object Name | Select Name,version,Vendor |export-csv myprogramlist.csv

Which will look like this:

Windows Powershell export programs and features

Once completed this will give you a file located in the drive specified in Powershell called “myprogramlist.csv” or whatever you change that part of the text to. It will sort it by program name, version and vendor.

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